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The Birth of Chateau Juvenal

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The Graveyron Estate (Le Domain du Graveyron) was formed in 1830 following the purchase of the Graveyron farm and its surrounding land by Joseph Antoine Nicolet. His son-in-law, Léon Thouvenot, built the Chateau and landscaped the park in 1870. The name Chateau Juvenal was given when Adrien Juvenal, third generation of the family, took over the ownership and running of the property. In 2001, Bernard and Anne-Marie Forestier bought Chateau Juvenal and its vineyard and consequently met the Alban family, winemakers from father to son over three generations. The two families joined forces in 2011 to build the winemaking cellar. Shortly after, Philippe Cambie, a renowned oenologist from the Rhône Valley region, came on board and together with Sébastien Alban they began to produce the wines.

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Chateau Juvenal’s wines quickly became an international success, notably Les Ribes de Vallat, La Terre du Petit Homme and Perséides, all of which received praise, high tasting notes and awards from the most internationally renowned wine tasters. In 2014, Mathieu Rabin was appointed commercial director. His love of wine and his respect for clients laid the foundations for Chateau Juvenal’s global network of loyal clients. In 2015, Elodie Huguenin took over the running of the winery’s administration, managing this task with efficiency and good humour.




The Birth of Via Juvenal

Fabrice delorme



In 2017, Fabrice Delorme, heir to a line of winegrowers since the eighteenth century, left a prestigious estate in the southern Rhône Valley. Keen to share his enthusiasm for wine, vineyards and wine-makers with others, he readily accepted an offer from the Forestier family to join them.

Théo Gabriel, a young sommelier who was keen to be part of an adventure that focused on good wines, also joined them.

This meeting led to the creation of an extended range of APO wines (Appelation d’Origine – Destination of Origin), mainly from Southern France, under the brand Via Juvenal.

The pre-selection of wines was carried out in spring 2018 by Fabrice Delorme who presented them to the founding team to taste. This resulted in Via Juvenal’s first selection of high quality wines at the beginning of July 2018 (see wines).

Wine Selection

We work with winemakers who are passionate about their work and who have chosen to make wine according to organic methods and principles. We build long-term relations with them and are determined to promote their wines in the best possible way.

We only buy wines that have already been bottled, never in barrels or tanks. This way, our wines truly reflect the quality decisions of the wine-maker.

In addition to having an organic label, we give preference to quality of wine. We are numerous to taste and to decide if the wine corresponds to our selection criteria which are:

  • Aromatic purity
  • Aromatic complexity
  • Balance

Once the wines have been carefully chosen, we are proud to share these with French people as well as the rest of the world.


Through our rigorous quality requirements and by the selections we make, we are committed to providing our clients with a superior selection of wines that differ in personality but are never a disappointment.


A strong and positive team spirit is important to us and we place it at the heart of everything we do. Each member of the team plays a valuable role and this is reflected in our relationships with our winemakers and each other.


We respect and listen to the winemakers with whom we work. Our choice of organic wines also show the respect we have for the land and for nature.